How to Resolve, Excel Error, 'File Name XLS Cannot Be Accessed'

Published: 13th January 2011
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Wide range of people makes use of Microsoft Excel utility spreadsheets as well workbooks for personal as well as professional purposes. Although, there can be serious damage issues associated with Excel files, several error can make the entire Excel document inaccessible. A corrupt Excel document can show abrupt behavior and in the worst situation it can declare file content completely unreachable.

Now, the data stored in are saved in XLS (for Excel 2003 and earlier version) or the XLSX format (Excel 2007). These files can get prone to damage and corruption in cases of application error, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown and other network faults. In case of lost information user can also make use of recent file backup. Whenever the backup is not available and file is still damaged, users can scan the document with excel file repair application.

The most common error message witnessed by users is listed below:

".xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only or you may be trying to access a read-only location or, the server the document is stored on may not be responding"

In this situation user is not able to access the file as well its content. Prime reason for the above error message is that users might not have permission to access the document. Also file can be located on a server which is not available presently. In the last case Excel files are damaged or corrupted.

To resolve the error users can perform steps listed below:

1.The Excel file might have been marked read only, hence users are required to modify the permissions.

2.The files should be opened with 'Open and Repair' function.

The File Repair steps are listed below:

3.Open the document with Excel 'Open and Repair' option.

4.The damaged file has to be saved in XML or HTML format and can be converted back in MS Excel file format.

5.If user need to make use of the chart that is linked to the damaged Excel file, make use of macro to extract data from the file.

6.In case the problem is not resolved files backup can be used to restore data.

Many time users fail to create a backup for their important data, in such a troublesome scenario when access to damaged data becomes extremely important make use of adept third party Excel recovery tool like Kernel for Excel.

Kernel for Excel embedded with eminent functionality to deal with entire Excel errors and make the data accessible for users. The tool makes use of advance data recovery algorithms so that users are able to conduct an impeccable Excel files recovery. As the excel recovery tool is provided with user-friendly interface and supports various MS Excel and Windows Operating system versions user will never find any hassle in its functioning. Moreover, with the availability of demo version users can judge the software working and evaluate its results.

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